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Dispute resolution is a term used to describe a set of techniques and methods used to resolve disputes among individuals, nations, or organizations. The contradictory claims lead to disputes and disputes should be resolved to ensure stability and peace in the society.

Cardinal Solicitors has credible collaborations with national and international lawyers for the provision of legal services in overseas disputes and serve the client with the best litigation services. Both the national and international collaborations have experienced individuals to assist and represent the client in courts and tribunals during the resolution of disputes through litigation.

There are many methods used for settling the disputes peacefully, mainly including:

1- Mediation

When a neutral third party tries to bring the disputant to a consensus and agreement, this is called mediation. The mediating party often considers both the conflicting sides and proposes an intermediate and non-binding solution for both parties. It is a method for Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) and there is no legal punishment set for the breach of mediation conditions.

2 – Arbitration

An impartial third-party act as a judge in arbitration and is responsible for resolving the disagreement. The arbitrator listens to each side’s arguments and evidence before making a binding decision. The parties can agree on almost every aspect of the arbitration procedure, including whether or not lawyers will be present at the hearing and what evidentiary standards will be utilized. Arbitrators make decisions that are normally private and cannot be overturned.

3 – Litigation

Civil litigation, the most well-known form of dispute resolution, often pits a defendant against a petitioner in front of a judge or a judge and jury. The judge or jury is in charge of analyzing the evidence and reaching a decision. Hearings and trials frequently result in information being entered into the public record and remaining there until the final decision. Lawyers typically control dispute resolution through litigation, which frequently results in a settlement of the agreement.

International Dispute Resolution

International relations are inextricably related to disputes. The strategies and mechanisms used to resolve international disputes between States and/or international organizations are referred to as international dispute settlement. The disputes are not only among the individual, but international disputes also often involve two states or international organizations. According to the United Nations Charter, all member states must resolve international conflicts by peaceful means so that international peace, security, and justice are not jeopardized.

At Cardinal Solicitors, we fight for the right of overseas Pakistani and have a panel of exceptional lawyers and solicitors to defend and protect the rights of the client. Furthermore, we offer a free pre-case assessment and a “No win, no fee” guarantee to ensure the trust of our clients.

What is Arbitration in UK Jurisdiction

Arbitration is a method of resolving a dispute without going to court and serves as the most preferred choice for cross-border disputes. The two opponents present their case to an arbitrator, who is a neutral third party. The arbitrator hears both parties, examines the evidence you’ve submitted, and then decides on the best course of action. In international arbitration, the claimant takes the case to a third country that plays the role of arbitrator. The arbitrator’s decision is referred to as an award, and it is legally binding. You cannot take your case to court to have the decision overturned if you disagree with it.

The United Kingdom has been one of the most preferred arbitration centers for settling international disputes. Within the UK, London serves as the key seat for international arbitrations. There are various arbitration institutions in the country, the most famous institutes are as follows:

    • The London Court of International Arbitrations (LCIA)
    • The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb)
    • The Center for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR)
    • The London Chamber of Arbitration and Mediation (LCAM)
    • The London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI)
    • The London Maritime Arbitrators Association (LMAA)
    • The London Metal Exchange (LME)

Each institution specializes in a specific sector’s services, and the choice of the institution is based upon the expertise to arbitration institution.

Cardinal Solicitors shares a credible collaboration with Alliance Solicitors (a law firm based in the UK) and provides support for international arbitrations seated in the UK. The lawyers and solicitors from the collaborating firm have expertise fueled by extensive on-the-ground experience. When you choose us, just provide a detailed information of the case and trust us with your legal matters, we will represent you in the arbitrations in the UK jurisdiction.

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