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Visa Consultation for Students

In recent times, there is a new and emerging trend of studying abroad among Pakistani students. The trend is not only common in Pakistan, but it has been portrayed in the rest of the developing countries around the globe. There are several opportunities in developed nations to enrich your students’ educational careers and provide them with a higher level of living. Students aspire to travel to countries famed for their educational institutions and universities.

Studying abroad is a dream of most students but they are often discouraged by the challenges involved in their study abroad journey. Apart from economic setbacks, students often get complexed with:

  • Extensive documentation for student visa
  • Complicated visa application and processing

Cardinal Solicitors is here to take away all the worries of students and provide the best visa consultation and immigration services. We provide expert visa consultancy by:

  • Assisting with visa applications and travel arrangements
  • Helping the students with document verification, translation, and attestation
  • Providing initial boarding and lodging assistance
  • Providing and managing administrative support until the settlement of students in foreign countries

Collaboration with Us

In collaboration with our partners, we provide career consultation and administrative support along with visa consultancy services. Our partner career consultants help you with:

  • Student profiles’ analysis
  • Evaluation, review, and submission of university applications
  • Getting the necessary documentation together for university admission
  • Facilitation of loans to meet financial needs
  • Keeping track of scholarship deadlines and admissions closures
  • Comprehensive advice from expert consultants

Streamlined admissions process from beginning to end

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