Immigration to United States

United States of America holds one of the highest immigrants’ populations in the world. The economic stability of the country attracts foreigners from around the world. People move to USA for achieving the dream of a life with better opportunities and luxurious living in the country.

In the USA, immigration law is highly complex. In many circumstances, complications may arise while resubmitting an application that was completed incorrectly the first time. One may find it difficult to defend oneself in removal proceedings after an application has gone seriously wrong.

Getting expert assistance while acquiring USA immigration can save your time and avoid frustration associated with the probable horrible consequences. Cardinal Solicitors offer the best solutions for such procedures, so that one can focus on other challenges that may arise due to settling in a new destination.

All foreign nationals must apply for a visa if they plan to enter or stay in the USA. There are two basic categories for USA visas. Third category (Visa Waiver Program) omits the requirement of visa for the citizens of qualified nations. The categories are listed as follows

  1. Non-immigrant Visa
  2. Immigrant Visa

Non-immigrant Visa

Tourists, businesspeople, students, and employees who intend to stay in the United States for a certain period of time and want to achieve some goals may apply for a non-immigrant visa. The visa applicants must prove that they have connections to their home country and intend to leave the United States after their temporary stay. There are multiple kinds of work visas are tabulated as follows:


Type of VisaPurpose
Business/Tourist VisaB1/B2 is a permit for conducting business activities, tourism or seeking medical treatment
Work VisaA work permit based on the type of work
Student VisaA permit for students to study in US institutions
Treaty Trader & Investor VisasA permit for foreign nationals to manage their business and investment in US
Exchange Visitor VisaA permit for foreigners to enter through institutional sponsorship
Transit VisaEntry permit for a foreigners’ transit to another destination
Religious Worker VisaA permit for religious workers
Journalist & Media VisaTravel permits for media representatives for conducting media coverage

Business/Tourist Visas

These visas can be acquired when the international citizens want to travel to US for business, tourism or medical care and treatment. Following visas are available under this category:
Visa Purpose
B1 A permit for businesspeople
B2 A permit tourists and medical treatment seekers

Work Visas

Working in US is one of the top reasons for an increased immigrant population in the country. There are multiple types of visas available under the umbrella of work visas and can be chosen according to individuals’ work requirements


H-1BA permit for specialty occupation in a specific field
H-2AA permit for the job of agricultural industry temporarily
H-2BA permit for skilled and unskilled laborers
H3A permit for a trainee to get training in the US
H4A permit for dependent spouse or children of individuals holding H (work) visa, without getting an employment in the country
L1A permit of intra-company transfers in multinational firms
L2A permit for dependent spouse or children of individuals holding H (work) visa and can work in the country
OA permit for over achievers in a specific field
PA permit for artists and entertainer intended to perform in an event
QA permit under international cultural exchange program

Student Visas

US attracts student from around the globe as it is home to world-class educational institutions and universities. Students can get a visa after securing admission in an education institution in the country. The following visas are available for students:


F-1A permit academic student
M-1A permit for getting vocational and non-academic education

Treaty Business & Investor Visas

Due to exceptional economic stability, many foreign investors and businesses are attracted to the United States. Such individuals can acquire E-visas for the purpose of managing investment and enterprises in the US. Following are sub-types for E-visas:


E-1A permit for treaty traders and business owners
E-2A permit for treaty investors


Exchange Visitor Visas

US offers multiple exchange programs in multiple fields for exchanging skills and knowledge. This visa category encompasses students, artists, workers, trainees etc. US offers J visas for this category. The visa holder can accompany a dependent spouse or unmarried children.

Transit Visas

When a foreign travelers’ route passes through the United States, the individual is obliged to get a Transit Visa. This visa falls under C-visas category. However, there may be exceptions for obtaining this visa due to Visa Waiver Program.

Religious Worker Visas

The United States offers visas for individuals who want to engage in religious practices in the country. They can avail R-visas for serving in religious practices under The Immigration and Nationality act (INA).

Journalist & Media Visas

Foreigners who intend to visit the United States to practice their profession on a temporary while maintaining their home office in another country, are eligible to apply for I-visas. Acquiring this visa permits them to practice media activities in US for a specific duration.

Immigrant Visa

Individuals who intend to stay and immigrate to the United States are obliged to apply for Immigrant Visas. Before applying for an immigrant visa, a person who desires to immigrate to the United States must first have a petition approval from United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). A person with approved petition is eligible to apply for an immigrant visa or a K non-immigrant visa. There are multiple kinds of immigrant visas listed as follows:


Type of VisaPurpose
Immediate Relative VisaA permit for an immediate relative of a US citizen
Family VisaA work permit based on the type of work
Fiancé VisaA permit for students to study in US institutions
Spouse/Child VisaA permit for foreign nationals to manage their business and investment in US

Immediate Relatives Visas

This category applies for the individuals who are the family members of a Green Card holder US citizen and lawful permanent resident. The number for these visa applications is limited for each fiscal year. The sub-types are listed as follows:

K-3A permit US citizen’s spouse married outside US
K-4A permit for US citizen’s child/children


A US citizen (Green Card holder) can file a petition for:

  • Spouse
  • Children
  • Parents
  • Siblings


A lawful permanent resident can file a petition for:

  • Spouse
  • Unmarried Children

Fiancé Visas

The applicant can acquire a visa who is a fiancé of a US citizen. This visa is a K-1 type non-immigrant visa and the applicant has to marry the US citizen within 90 days of arrival.

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