Real Estate Investment in Pakistan

Real estate refers to the sale or purchase of property and investing in real estate means carrying out the sale or purchase of property as an investment rather than utilizing real estate as residential or commercial property.

There is a distinction between movable and immovable property in the civil law system. Movable property is similar to personal property, but immovable property refers to real estate or real property along with the rights and obligations that come with it

In Pakistan, real estate and property law is governed by a number of laws. The following laws generally applicable to the purchase and selling of real estate are as follows:

  • The Transfer of Property Act, 1882
  • Land Revenue Act, 1967
  • Stamp Act 1899
  • Registration Act 1908

Overseas Pakistanis can buy real estate in Pakistan. It is not necessary for them to be present in Pakistan at the time of the title document’s execution. But due to the lack of a standardized system in Pakistan, purchasing real estate can be a difficult and complicated procedure. As a result, a complete and thorough examination of the title of the seller of the real estate is required.

Authentic Investment

There are numerous advantages and benefits for overseas Pakistanis who invest in Pakistan’s large housing complexes since practically all of these housing societies include special blocks for them with additional amenities and facilities. And we always encourage Pakistanis living abroad to invest since these offshore blocks will generate more profit in the future because they will be built first and demand will be relatively strong.

When it comes to the real estate industry, we frequently lose track of new or ongoing large housing developments, leaving us with a limited number of possibilities. We have a skilled team of investment consultants at Cardinal Solicitors that have in-depth knowledge of Pakistan’s real estate sector and can better enlighten you or even answer your questions about any Real Estate Project. We make it simple for investors, particularly those from outside Pakistan, who want to participate in Pakistan’s real estate business. We do a thorough market analysis of the project and offer you all relevant statistics and estimated return on investment.

We conduct thorough due diligence on various projects in Pakistan and advise our international clients on how, when, and where to invest in Pakistan. You can always contact us for free and ask us any questions you have about any housing project, as well as where you should invest right now.

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